Grandad Was A Romantic

Grandad Was A Romantic - Maryam Mohajer


Roughhouse - Jonathan Hodgson, Richard Van Den Boom

Poles Apart

Poles Apart - Paloma Baeza, Ser En Low

A Love Story

A Love Story - Khaled Gad, Anushka Kashani Naanayakkara, Elena Ruscombe-King


Edmond - Nina Gantz, Emilie Jouffroy

The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture - Chris Hees, Daisy Jacobs, Jennifer Majka

Sleeping With The Fishes

Sleeping With The Fishes - James Walker, Sarah Woolner, Yousif Al-Khalifa

The Making Of Longbird

The Making Of Longbird - Will Anderson, Ainslie Henderson

A Morning Stroll

A Morning Stroll - Sue Goffe, Grant Orchard

The Eagleman Stag

The Eagleman Stag - Michael Please

Mother Of Many

Mother Of Many - Sally Arthur, Emma Lazenby

Wallace And Gromit: A Matter Of Loaf And Death

Wallace And Gromit: A Matter Of Loaf And Death - Steve Pegram, Nick Park, Bob Baker

The Pearce Sisters

The Pearce Sisters - Jo Allen, Luis Cook

Guy 101

Guy 101 - Ian Gouldstone

Fallen Art

Fallen Art - Jarek Sawko, Piotr Sikora, Tomek Bagi?ski

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy - Andrew Gregory, Sejong Park

Jojo In The Stars

Jojo In The Stars - Sue Goffe, Marc Craste

Fish Never Sleep

Fish Never Sleep - Gaëlle Denis


Dog - Suzie Templeton

Father And Daughter

Father And Daughter - Claire Jennings, Willem Thijssen, Michael Dudok De Wit

The Man With The Beautiful Eyes

The Man With The Beautiful Eyes - Jonathan Bairstow, Jonathan Hodgson

The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales - Aida Zyablikova, Renat Zinnurov, Ashley Potter, Dave Antrobus, Claire Jennings, Mic Graves, Joanna Quinn, Les Mills, Jonathan Myerson

Stage Fright

Stage Fright - Helen Nabarro, Michael Rose, Steve Box

The Old Lady And The Pigeons

The Old Lady And The Pigeons - Bernard La Joie, Didier Brunner, Sylvain Chomet

A Close Shave

A Close Shave - Carla Shelly, Michael Rose, Nick Park

The Big Story

The Big Story - Tim Watts, David Stoten

The Wrong Trousers

The Wrong Trousers - Christopher Moll, Nick Park

Daumier's Law

Daumier's Law - Ginger Gibbons, Geoff Dunbar


Balloon - Ken Lidster


Toxic - Andrew McEwan

A Grand Day Out

A Grand Day Out - Nick Park

The Hill Farm

The Hill Farm - Mark Baker

The Reluctant Dragon

The Reluctant Dragon - Bridget Appleby


Superted - David Edwards, Robin Lyons

Alias The Jester

Alias The Jester - Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall

Rupert And The Frog Song

Rupert And The Frog Song - Geoff Dunbar

Henry's Cat

Henry's Cat - Bob Godfrey

Dreamland Express

Dreamland Express - David Anderson

The Sweater

The Sweater - Sheldon Cohen

The Three Inventors

The Three Inventors - Michel Ocelot

Hokusai: An Animated Sketchbook

Hokusai: An Animated Sketchbook - Tony White


Great - Bob Godfrey

Hunger (La Faim)

Hunger (La Faim)

Tchou Tchou

Tchou Tchou

Henry Nine 'Til Five

Henry Nine 'Til Five - Bob Godfrey

Dance For Two (Pas De Deux)

Dance For Two (Pas De Deux) - Norman McLaren

Notes On A Triangle

Notes On A Triangle - René Jodoin

Be Careful Boys

Be Careful Boys - Vera Linnecar, Nancy Hanna, Keith Learner

The Insects

The Insects

Automania 2000

Automania 2000

The Apple

The Apple

One Hundred And One Dalmatians

One Hundred And One Dalmatians


Universe - Roman Kroitor, Colin Low

The Violinist

The Violinist - Ernest Pintoff

The Little Island

The Little Island



Gerald McBoing Boing On Planet Moo

Gerald McBoing Boing On Planet Moo

Blinkity Blank

Blinkity Blank

Song Of The Prairie (Arie Prerie)

Song Of The Prairie (Arie Prerie)

Animated Genesis

Animated Genesis